Photo of William Van Ornum Jr.

Meet William, AF 2019 Ambassador of the Year

William has been a part of the AF family for over 12 years. He enjoys being active in the community, often visiting the area’s many beautiful landmarks and parks as well as helping others through volunteerism and assisting AF with community outreach. His smile, wittiness, inquisitiveness, and intellect makes a lasting impression on all those he meets.  William is most passionate about speaking out for the rights of others and values all that Abilities First provides to him on his path to independence.

Meet Carolyn, Student at the Abilities First School

An infectious spirit and bounding determination is quite evident when you first meet 8-year-old Carolyn. Her steady progress is attributed to her genuine tenacity, despite the challenges she faces every day with a diagnosed genetic disorder. Carolyn’s family feels she has come a really long way, noting Abilities First is not only a resource, but provides hope and support for parents and students.


An elderly couple dressed nicely and smiling.

Ways to Give

Support the mission through a gift, in-kind donation of services or goods, sponsorship or charitable giving.

Two volunteers planting next to a grave.

Ways to Join In

Support the mission through individual, corporate or community group volunteer efforts, or provide employment and volunteer opportunities for our individuals.

In 1962, the vision of just a few people, moved a mission that now impacts the lives of over 1,500 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, age birth through life, throughout the Hudson Valley.

Since its founding, the generosity of numerous donors and volunteers has assured the mission continued. Consider ways that you, a community group or a business can partner with Abilities First to impact mission, lend a hand, or support the financial resources required to assure its future availability and financial security.

Philanthropic leadership to enrich the mission of Abilities First, Inc.

Founded in 2018, the mission of the Foundation for Abilities First NY is to garner the financial resources necessary to meet the programmatic interests and to assure the sustainability of the mission of Abilities First, Inc. FAFNY will establish a stable commitment of philanthropic support, to assure the programs, services, and quality of life opportunities remain strong and available, as well as ensure the organization’s fiscal resiliency during unexpected changes.