Ways to Join In

There is no greater feeling than to feel and see the impact of your generosity on the lives of others. Impacting the mission of Abilities First can occur in many ways.

Abilities First values your partnership in supporting the mission through individual, corporate or community group volunteer efforts, as well, businesses play a vital role in the integration of individuals into training opportunities, volunteer experiences or competitive employment.

Your acceptance and inclusive partnership is of great value to those served. We welcome the opportunity to provide you or your business/ community group with information to make an informed decision, on the many ways you can join in and impact the lives of others.

Donate now


Charitable gifts at all levels and from cash, stocks, real estate, bequests and other forms of conveyance, play a vital role in assuring the financial resources today and into the future.


Corporate partners play a vital role in assuring the interests of the missions vocational development, as well as a collaborative opportunity for sponsorship, civic engagement and leadership.


The importance of a supportive and inclusive community is at the core of our mission. Community members play a vital role in providing and supporting advocacy, volunteerism, mentoring, collaborations and impact on the lives of those supported by Abilities First.


Philanthropic leadership to enrich the mission of Abilities First, Inc.

Founded in 2018, the mission of the Foundation for Abilities First NY is to garner the financial resources necessary to meet the programmatic interests and to assure the sustainability of the mission of Abilities First, Inc. FAFNY will establish a stable commitment of philanthropic support, to assure the programs, services, and quality of life opportunities remain strong and available, as well as ensure the organization’s fiscal resiliency during unexpected changes.