Adult Services

Day Services

Adult Day Services at Abilities First provide meaningful day time activities for people with disabilities from young adulthood to seniors. All of our programs are community integrated as much as possible to provide a wide variety of experiences and exposure to people and places in our communities.

Adult Day Services are intended for people for whom employment is not a current option. Within Adult Day Services programs people continue to build skills that are relevant for their unique developmental needs.

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Employment Services

At Abilities First, we believe that a sense of pride and dignity comes with earning a paycheck through meaningful work. Employment is the ultimate goal for many of the people we support, and there are many steps along the way to that goal. We provide a wide variety of pre-employment and employment services to match people with opportunities that meet their personal interests and current readiness for employment.

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Residential Services & Housing

As is true with most people in the world, adults with developmental challenges often require or desire to seek their own home independent from their families. When that times comes, Abilities First offers a wide continuum of residential and housing options to match the needs of anyone seeking residential support.

These options range from group residences with round the clock staffing and intensive clinical support to housing with very little support and everywhere in between. We support people as they make decisions about where and how they want to live and with whom. We believe strongly that happiness with your home is essential to overall satisfaction with life.

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Clinical & Behavioral Services

The Clinical & Behavioral Team at Abilities First helps to ensure all people we serve, from preschool students to adults, are able to achieve their goals and be as successful as they can be. Our team of qualified clinicians develops and implements high-quality evidence-based treatments and supports, and develops innovative person-centered strategies.

Because behavioral health is so closely tied to personal satisfaction and life-quality, this team also ensures that documented interests and requests made by people we support actually turn into meaningful social recreational activities or changes in services we deliver.

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Family Support Services

Family Support Services reimbursement programs: SERVING TACONIC REGION ONLY

Abilities First, Inc. provides reimbursement to OPWDD eligible families for costs they incur from their loved ones with developmental disabilities. Qualifying expenses, such as respite, recreational/social activities, summer camp and in specific crisis situations. 

Day Camp for Extended School Breaks: Serving TACONIC REGION ONLY

The Abilities Day Camp Program offers OPWDD eligible children, ages 5-21, who live at home with their families, a social/recreational program during extended school breaks. The program operates from 8:00 – 4:30 pm for approximately 26 days per year (this does not include major holidays).  This can include Spring Break and/or two sessions during the summer

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Home & Community Services

For adults with disabilities that live with their families at home or on their own in the community, we bring services to the home and the community. These services are delivered by trained Abilities First staff members, typically in a one-to-one ratio.

The selected staff member comes to the home to provide support and care in the home (Respite) or provide skill building activities in the home or out in the community (Community Habilitation). People receiving services and their family members are encouraged to take part in selecting staff members and scheduling activities.

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