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From a family member

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the staff from Abilities First for making the Holidays possible and special for us.

The attention you give to not only our children but the family’s needs is above and beyond only one can hope for.

I have cried through the holiday buts tears of joy!

We were able to sit together as a family on Thanksgiving and Christmas and give thanks for the blessings you have given us: the programs you have, have not only helped our children but helped the families. You were able to bring happiness to our home with gifts and food. Thank you for all you do!! You are the best thing that’s happened to our family!!!!

— Submitted by The A*** Family

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From an individual

I just want to thank all of you who came out this Saturday to paint at the house. You are the best friends that I have. The place looks so wonderful. I had a very nice time to meet and work with people that care about us. The luck was very good. I hope to see you again. I wish there more people like us who makes the effort to work great as we do. I like working with all of you. I like when we work as a team when staff that works over there they like what we did. I hope you all come back again so take time out and pat yourself on the back and I will take time out to see what a grateful job we all did and it was a nice day out. You people are fun and grateful and I will pray for your family and every time I say to myself great job everyone and god bless you. We all take pride in the wonderful day and I love you all.


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From a staff member

Sylvia R. resides in an Abilities First group home residence in Dutchess County. She attends the Abilities First Day Habilitation Program in Poughkeepsie. Sylvia has many passions in life, two of which she feels very strongly about, helping animals and the less fortunate.

Sylvia has voiced her passions and through the Day Hab program, she has been able to help in the areas she feels most strongly about. Sylvia routinely helps out the SPCA by collecting food and various donations that are needed for the care and wellbeing of the animals, Sylvia collects items such as a blankets, towels, food, & cleaning supplies to bring up to the SPCA in Hyde Park.

The collections of these things are ongoing as Sylvia says the animals always need things. Sylvia was also part of a group in Day Hab that adopted an elderly dog to offer her a forever home in her late years. She helped out the staff that opened their home for the dog to live in, take care of Midnight (the dog). She also helped by walking the dog in nice weather and bringing the dog treats. Another area that Sylvia helps weekly in is helping “the less fortunate”.

Sylvia helps at least once a week in bringing food to the local food pantry. She takes lots of steps to make sure this is done. First, she goes to the local supermarket and collects the day old baked goods, after she gets the food; she separates them into bags and puts them in the van. Sylvia then helps transport the food to the local food pantry “The Lunch Box,” and helps carry the food in.

She enjoys going into the food pantry and often says “hello: and talks to the people there. Sylvia expresses how much she enjoys helping by saying she feels good helping people and talks about how much people need food. Sylvia is a valued member not only of Abilities First but an amazing asset to the community in the many ways she volunteers her time in helping others.

– Submitted by Abilities First staff member, M.B.