Trevor Grows at Abilities First UPK

Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) is a big change in the lives of young children. Suddenly, they are asked to trust new adults and they need to develop skills with their peers and for classroom participation.

For a child with a developmental delay, there can be added challenges. For 4-year-old Trevor, the beginning of school at the Abilities First UPK in Hyde Park was no exception.

Trevor initially had a difficult time leaving mom when she would drop him off to come into the school (as many preschoolers do). The staff worked with him to follow a visual schedule and to use transition items to join his friends in school. Initially, he didn’t like when it was his turn to sing the good morning during the morning meeting. Now, he not only enjoys singing, but he will wave, jump, or clap along to the song.

When Trevor began the year, he was unable to complete individual or group activities without adult support. The staff, led by teacher Kate Collins, worked with Trevor on coloring, drawing, and writing. He soon progressed and was able to complete most work independently.

Trevor has really grown, and his progress shows. Kate, his teacher, shared, “Trevor has made so much progress — socially, emotionally, and academically — this school year to get ready for kindergarten!!”

Congratulations, Trevor!