Leadership Spotlight: Joshua Mackey

With the ongoing decrease in government reimbursables and funding sources to the IDD industry, interest grew to sustain the mission of Abilities First through its own resources.

Thus, in 2018, the organization’s development operations were redefined, and the Foundation for Abilities First NY (FAFNY) was established. One of the key change-makers that drove this effort, along with the other founding members, was Joshua Mackey.

Today, Mr. Mackey, a partner in Mackey, Butts & Wise LLP (MBW) and President of the FAFNY Board, is not a newcomer to Abilities First. He was first introduced to the organization by a professional colleague in 2008, resulting in six years of volunteer service to the AFI Board. Mr. Mackey identifies his interest in effecting change through policy decisions, fundraising to meet the agency’s needs, the ability to connect with those supported, and the growth and diversity of the agency that keeps him engaged to the mission as a volunteer.

He attributes the current success and sustainability of the agency to the new levels of achievement and professionalism from the management, marketing, and fundraising initiatives. Mr. Mackey plans for a long-term commitment to the agency. He intends to continue his support to the mission well into the future, perhaps where his free time can be focused on supporting legal advocacy on behalf of the agency.

While Mr. Mackey has remained committed to ensuring the success of Abilities First, he and his wife, Danielle, have equally engaged their children – Sofia, Violet, Brooks, and Dash – in ways that are meaningful to those the mission supports. Mr. Mackey’s law firm, MBW, also remains a supportive community partner to the philanthropic initiatives of AFI & FAFNY.