Enriching & Saving Lives

Residents Mariana, Trena, Laura, Kerry, and Sara of Sherwood House recently participated in a three-hour training program alongside their house staff.

The training program — My Life, My Choice — was presented by long-time AF staff member Amanda Crowley, who developed the training program herself. My Life, My Choice is a collaborative opportunity for the staff and individuals to participate in a group training with the main objective to become safer in the community and at home. The training covers:

  • Where you live,
  • How to protect one’s money,
  • Options for community activities
  • Having a key to your home,
  • Having a partner, and
  • Learning to identify who or where to go if something’s not right.

The group began the training program with a discussion about internet safety.

“What is privacy? Why shouldn’t we send money to people online whom we don’t know or haven’t met in person?”

These are some of the questions that were addressed in this discussion about internet safety and personal safety. The group also discussed various other forms of self-advocacy and safety. Following the completion of the safety training, the group moved onto hands-on CPR training. This is a valuable life-saving tool, and now each resident knows how to perform CPR.

The training was followed by pizza, salad, and each of the attendees being presented with a certificate of completion for the training they did. Congratulations!