Donovan Ashe: From Program Coordinator to Director of Residential Services

For over 19 years, Donovan Ashe has been committed to caring for individuals within the Abilities First programs. He started out as a program coordinator, but his hard work and dedication over the years has netted several well-earned promotions. Most recently, he was promoted to the position of Director of Residential Services. 

We’re thankful to Donovan’s commitment to the residential and housing programs at Abilities First, and all the individuals who are supported by them. 

“The programs are always busy, but that’s my favorite part; there is always something new occurring,” Donovan said. “Some of my favorite moments are when I get to witness those in the apartment program buy their own place.”

Donovan continued: “There are good times as well as challenging times, but there’s never a dull moment. We are all challenged, tested, learning, but always enjoy the rewards of seeing our folks flourish.”

Last year created significant challenges for those tasked with safeguarding the health of both the staff and 110+ individuals within our residential programs. However, under Donovan’s leadership, our staff and individuals were resilient and worked collaboratively to protect one another during those trying times.

“Everyone pulled together to adjust to the isolation and explore new opportunities,” Donovan shared. “They were at their best in this crisis.”

It’s been heartwarming to have so many families share their appreciation for Donovan and his fellow staff members, all of whom provided outstanding care to those in our residential program.

Still, we couldn’t have made it through without the help of so many community businesses and supporters. Their efforts helped provide catered meals, exercise equipment, ipads, games, crafts, outdoor gazebos to allow socialization at the height of the pandemic, and so much more.

Over the years, it’s been sad to see some of the close-knit homes lose members within their residential family. It is always difficult to say goodbye, but we all remember them fondly and think often of their laughter and smiles.

Thank you, Donovan, for Powering the mission of Abilities First!