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The Work Training Center

The Employment Services team at Abilities First recognizes the self-worth of every person and their right to full participation in their local community, as they choose.

Participants at our onsite supervised workshop are provided with meaningful, paid work through sub-contracted packaging and assembly work for the private sector. They are paid on a scale in proportion to what employees in competitive employment would earn for similar work (in accordance with Federal Department of Labor laws).


Abilities First
Employment Services

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  • The Advanced Work Training Center provides intensive training on various types of machinery (e.g. drilling, spooling, shrink wrapping) to provide each participant with a specific set of skills. In order to assure the safety and welfare of everyone, Abilities First provides more supervision per employee than businesses in competitive employment settings.

    During their workday, participants are also given vocational counseling to help build basic job skills and to enhance their ability to understand expectations of a more typical community workplace (as the ultimate goal is community job placement, when possible). Counseling includes, but is not limited to, training in the areas of obtaining and retaining work, money management, interaction with co-workers, accepting supervision, time and attendance matters and the importance of appropriate work attire and behavior.

    "Abilities First provides more supervision per employee than businesses in competitive employment settings."

    The work Training CenterMany participants also benefit from our onsite Day Habilitationprogram during their workday, where they have access to life skills training, computer instruction, community volunteer opportunities and therapeutic activities.

    For additional information about these programs see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Charles Bender by calling 845-471-0176, ext. 103.